iZ ADA II 24ch. A/D-D/A


Lavry AD/DA

Universal Audio Octo

Plugins by Waves

Sound Toys

Fab Filter


Dangerous Monitor

Dangerous Music MQ

Dangerous Music S&M

HEDD Type 30 Monitors

NS10 (available)

Equitech Balanced Power

API 3124 preamp

Eisen 312v (6)

Wunder PA4 mic pre (4 ch.)

Classic API VC528 ST2+ (2)

Realios A9031

True System Precision 8

Eisen Custom Mic Pre

Avedis E27 EQ (2)

Little Labs IBP Jr. (3)

Pultec Custom EQP-1A (3)

Tonelux EQ5P

Requisite Audio PAL Plus

Manley Variable Mu

Manley Massive Passive EQ

CAPI BT-50 EQ (6)

SSL G-Series Bus Compressor

Schmidlin FED+ Tube Compressor

Ibanez SDR1000+ Reverb

Line Six Echo Pro Delay

TC Electronic 1210 Chorus

Chandler TG Channel

Chandler TG2 (2)

Electrical Audio Mid-Side

Protools 12

Nuendo 10

Logic X

Digital Performer 9

Mercury Audio M72

Little Labs IBP Jr. (3)

Radial EXTC and lots of pedals available



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